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Dutch payroll: avoid unnecessary mistakes and reduce cost 

Running Payroll in the Netherlands is among the most complicated in the world. Payroll taxes are the biggest source of income for the Dutch Government, amounting to over 156 billion annually. This is collected by the Dutch Tax Authorities thru the payroll tax return process and process is used not only for collecting payroll taxes, but also feeds nominative data of employees into hundreds of dependent (government) authorities. This data is used for running politics, defining benefits and setting policies. The need for compliance has never been greater. Knowledge of the Dutch Income & Payroll Taxes system is a precondition for ensuring compliance to produce that perfect paycheck and payroll taxes return. This course is the perfect start on this evergreen journey.

Essentials of running Dutch payroll, instructed in English

2Xplain is the payroll knowledge provider of The Netherlands and developer of a wide range of classes and trainings for the payroll professional. Payroll in The Netherlands is the first course offered by 2Xplain in English, specifically targeted for non-Dutch speaking payroll professionals who are in some form involved in Dutch payroll. In this virtual (or in-company) course, your instructor, who is the Payroll Manager of one of the largest Dutch multinationals, guides you thru the essentials of running payroll in The Netherlands. You’ll learn about hiring personnel and including them in payroll, about the wage tax and social security system, understanding gross-to-net and net-to-gross calculations, and understand the payroll taxes return process. This content can be advanced to so-called deep-dive items like the 30%-ruling, commuting allowances or for instance conversion rules.

Are you (partly) responsible for running payroll in The Netherlands, for instance as service provider or as part of a Shared Service Center? Then this course is fundamental for ensuring local compliance.

Attend the course from anywhere in the world

Payroll In The Netherlands is in principle a virtual course. You (and your team) can attend the classes from anywhere in the world. You only need a device (computer, tablet, phone) with an internet connection. To get the best virtual experience, it’s highly recommended to have a device with a microphone and camera; interaction with your instructor is a big plus regarding the complexity of the subject.

Detailed information

Payroll in The Netherlands is developed as a virtual course, but can also be delivered in-house. Contact Cas Bakker (+31 (0)570-79 60 60, for detailed information about cost, opportunities and to receive a comprehensive overview of the course content.

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