Payroll in the Netherlands

Dutch payroll: avoid unnecessary mistakes and reduce cost

This training provides you with insights into one of the world's most complex payroll processes. Delivered entirely in English by senior trainer René de Veth, the course equips you with the knowledge and skills to tackle Dutch payroll with confidence.

Course content

Section 1: Employers and Employees

  • Understanding employment relationships, withholding employers, employment contracts, and fiscal administrative requirements.
  • Mastering wage statements, payslips, and annual income statements.

Section 2: Wage and Payroll Taxes

  • Distinguishing between wages, wage in kind, entitlements, and wage tax implications.
  • Exploring payroll tax credits, special tax rates, and the final wage tax levy.

Section 3: Social Security and Reductions

  • Diving into social security, employed person's insurance, healthcare insurance, reductions, and life & leave regulations.

Section 4: Calculating Payroll Taxes

  • Mastering period payroll tax tables, social security calculations, and the 30% ruling.

Section 5: Other Essential Knowledge

  • Understanding payroll tax returns, treaties, tax-free allowances, the work-related cost scheme, and audits.

Supplemental description:

Running payroll in the Netherlands is notoriously complex. It represents the Dutch government's largest source of income, exceeding €156 billion annually. The Dutch Tax Authorities collect this revenue through the meticulous payroll tax return process, which not only gathers taxes but also feeds employee data to various government agencies for policy and benefit determinations. Compliance is paramount, and this training equips you with the knowledge of the Dutch Income & Payroll Taxes system to ensure accurate payroll and tax returns.

Is this training for you?

Are you responsible for running payroll in the Netherlands as a service provider or within a Shared Service Center? This comprehensive course is essential for ensuring complete local compliance.

2Xplain PayRoll: your payroll knowledge partner

2Xplain PayRoll is the Netherlands' leading provider of payroll knowledge, offering a wide range of training options for payroll professionals. This course is specifically designed for non-Dutch speaking professionals involved in Dutch payroll. Your instructor, René de Veth, (a former Big Four accounting professional with over 20 years of experience) will guide you through the fundamentals of Dutch payroll.
Invest in your expertise and ensure smooth, compliant Dutch payroll processing. Enroll in this comprehensive training today!

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2 sessions of 2 hours (4 hours total)
donderdag 20 juni 2024
9:00u tot 11:30u
donderdag 27 juni 2024 van 9:00u tot 11:30u



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